Transforming Spaces At Popop

By in News on March 25, 2012

From installations large enough to walk through, to creative presentations of traditionally utilized materials, to paintings cleverly handling the mandatory theme, to even creative spins on what constitutes fibre (such as human hair), local artists have stretched the possibilities further than even the committee members expected, setting up an exciting dynamic that will spark vital conversations about the state of Bahamian contemporary art and its function in our cultural landscape.

“When you think we have eight galleries taking part and over 60 artists, you may think, how are they all going to be using this one theme?” said Pamela Burnside. “And it’s amazing, what they’ve come up with. They all have different ideas and have used materials in totally different ways. We asked people to consider the possibilities when we sent out the call and we were amazed with what we got back.”

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Photos by Ana-Lisa Wells

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