TS12 – Alistair Stevenson

By in News on March 5, 2012

Transforming Spaces 2012 will engage in an exciting new exercise — a curated tour with a single theme. In conjunction with the Creative Nassau Initiative — a local committee of artists, designers, craftspeople and writers working to have Nassau designated a UNESCO City of Craft and Folk art — present FIBRE.

Alistair Stevenson describes his concept for Transforming Spaces 2012:
“The work being created is an experiment using a mixture of coconut fibres and clay. The intent is to create ceramic forms whose bodies very clearly show the use of these fibres once they have been fired. The idea is that once these pieces are fired the textures of the coconut fibres will exist on the exterior and interior while expressing a form irrelevant to the fibre’s original state.”

Photos by Ana-Lisa Wells

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