TS12 – Richardo Barrett

By in News on March 5, 2012

Transforming Spaces 2012 will engage in an exciting new exercise — a curated tour with a single theme. In conjunction with the Creative Nassau Initiative — a local committee of artists, designers, craftspeople and writers working to have Nassau designated a UNESCO City of Craft and Folk art — present FIBRE.

Richardo Barrett is currently a student at the College of the Bahamas, Majoring in Art. He participated in the Finco summer art programme in 2006, and in the annual Color of harmony exhibition at COB. He was the first recipient of the 2011 Antonius Roberts award (ARA) – a residency which took place at Popopstudios and resulted in the dual exhibition “Fallen Transitions”.

Transforming Spaces Project: Onion Lighting Fixtures

“The concept and design of my intended pieces could be manifested through various elements, like coconut bark or dried banana leaves, but onion skin stood out to me. Firstly, because of its distinct odor and apparent ability to ward off mosquitos. Secondly, because it naturally comes in soft-hued tones of orange and purple, even pure white, and the skins are durable, yet delicate and translucent.”

Richardo’s experiment with this material took the form of light fixtures that can be hung around the house or in the house, and even serve as a bedside lamp.

He aimed to keep his process cost-effective and simple enough for bulk production while retaining the unique qualities of the onion skins. Through this project Richardo hopes to encourage people to see purpose and creative uses for materials often thought of as garbage.

Photos courtesy of the artist

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