TS14: Jason Bennett

By in News on March 24, 2014


The intent of my pieces is to capture moments during waters journey in the Pacific Northwest.

Starting as snow and ice in higher elevations then transforming into streams and waterfalls on a path to the ocean, changing the landscape ever so slowly season after season


1. What was the inspiration behind your water-themed artwork for Transforming Spaces 2014?

The inspiration for this body of work is the time spent capturing the images, spending each day in the mountains following watercourses enveloped in the sound looking for the right image.

2. What was your biggest challenge, joy or learning experience in creating your piece for this project?

The greatest challenge also produced the greatest joy of the process, the technical issues of being in such cold weather for the ice photographs. While the ice created such beautiful formations, after enough time carrying the camera equipment, setting up and being exposed to the elements, it became physically taxing.

3. Words of wisdom… a motto, favorite quote?

Motto: “get out there before it’s gone”

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