TS14: Marinah Janello

By in News on March 23, 2014

Marinah Janello is a Bahamian American experimental video artist and resident of Popopstudios.

Janello takes the viewer on a transformative journey of spiritual awakening through her video installation “Sacrifice, Rebirth, Resurrection” about baptism practices in the Bahamas.

Within her piece, audio of an individual’s stream of consciousness unifies images of the rebirth and resurrection of the spirit.


1. What was the inspiration behind your water-themed artwork for Transforming Spaces 2014?

Bahamian shorelines carry with them oral traditions, cultures, and age old tales which make them inherently magical and spiritual. There is something truly special about the tranformation that happens to a person during a baptism as the sun glistens over Nassau’s waters.

2. What was your biggest challenge, joy or learning experience in creating your piece for this project?

My greatest challenge and joy were creating an interactive space for the viewer’s experience. Instead of making a piece for my audience to only absorb, I strived to create something that through visuals and audio brings the viewer into a new space where they can interact with the piece and its theme of transcendence on their own terms.

3. Words of wisdom… a motto, favorite quote?

“It is cheaper to make films than ever before but we have found that even though the conditions of non­industrial filmmaking exist, very few people have embraced this great opportunity. Even though many people are making films independently of the system they do not make them with independent minds, they still aspire to the trappings of commercially driven cinema.” (Jack Sargeant and Clara Pais Directors of “Savage Witches”)

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