TS14: Sue Bennett-Williams

By in News on March 24, 2014


1. What was the inspiration behind your water-themed artwork for Transforming Spaces 2014?

Water is such a natural subject for me as I have livid within a mile of the sea since I was a small child learning to sail with my father. I have always had a very healthy respect for the sea it was through sailing that I eventually landed in the Bahamas.

Water is a common thread with both Jason and me and easily led to a natural progression into our 3rd Mother/Son exhibit. Our 1st exhibit was called ‘Bond’ in 1998 at Central Bank and our 2nd exhibit was ‘Bond’ held at Popopstudios Gallery in 2005. ‘Journey’ is our 3rd exhibit, which will reference the importance and interaction of water in both of our lives.

2. What was your biggest challenge, joy or learning experience in creating your piece for this project?

My greatest experience while working on this project was experimenting with making ‘dirt pots’ and just going with where the material took me with respect to water, dirt, clay and limestone…the outcome was exhilarating and completely changed one aspect of my work.

3. Words of wisdom… a motto, favorite quote?

Words of wisdom: If you make a mistake, make it part of your design.

Photos courtesy of the artists

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