TS2016: Tickets On Sale

By in News on February 29, 2016


Tickets for TS2016 are on sale now for $35. On Wednesday, March 9, Popop will feature “Triple Double” – a selection of work by several pairs of collaborating artists, along with Open Studios.

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TS2016 “SWELL – Community + Collaboration” will be held on Saturday and Sunday, March 12 and 13 and will incorporate several innovations.

The creative vision for TS was to present a brand that was fresh, modern, and adaptable with a design that could create opportunities for engagement with the larger art community along with endless possibilities for marketing and merchandising.

This year’s Art Tour will take place for the first time at the Towne Hotel on George Street which will be open to patrons from 10pm until 10pm on Saturday and from 10pm until 4pm on Sunday with food and drink available for sale.

The Towne Hotel will also host a small VIP cocktail preview reception on Thursday, March 11 from 7-9pm for $100 per person. Towne Hotel owners, Ron and Isabella Overend are honoured to partner with the Committee to host this year’s art event at their venue which already displays pieces of their personal collection of Bahamian Art.

On both Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 2pm a Shuttle Bus service provided by Bahamas Experience Travel and Tours, who have also been a sponsor of the TS events since its inception, will be available to TS2016 patrons to allow them to move between the spaces at their leisure.

New Providence Art & Antiques at Popop will highlight the Genesis Junkanoo production process and rush out in a show curated by Jay Koment.

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Hillside House will be transformed into a bustling tourist attraction, The Central Bank will present musical offerings as well as an additional “Fringe” Exhibition event in the Great House on the Saturday only, and the D’Aguilar Art Foundation will join in the art listings with their ‘Jammin’ 4’ Exhibition curated by Tessa Whitehead. Trained TS Ambassadors will be available at all of the locations to offer assistance throughout the day.

Parking will be available to TS patrons at The Central Bank parking lot and the George Street parking lot after the shuttle buses stop running at 2pm.

There will also be exhibition openings taking place during the week at satellite art galleries who will also be participating in the weekend’s activities. On Wednesday, March 9, Popop ICVA, curated by John Cox and Heino Schmid will show “Triple Double” – a selection of work by several pairs of collaborating artists, along with Open Studios.

Hillside House, curated by Antonius Roberts, will be exhibiting the work of various artists entitled “Tourists Only” which will open to the public on Thursday evening, March 10 along with The Central Bank of The Bahamas’ Art Gallery which will feature a graphic themed show by 6 artists along with a ceramics exhibit in the Great House at the Central Bank, curated by Jodi Minnis.

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