Two Points Of View

By in News, Previous Exhibitions on March 19, 2013

Being a collective of artist studios, exhibitions and workshops, it is no surprise that Popopstudios International Center for the Visual Arts often inspires collaborations. None however are more fascinating and serendipitous than the creative exchange between Popop resident and Bahamian abstract expressionist Kendal Hanna and Eleanor Whitely, whose pieces in “Two Points of View” in the Popop gallery will pay homage to their longstanding creative commitment.

The pair met at a drawing class at Popopstudios three years ago. Once the class finished, Eleanor proposed that she and Kendal keep going on their own, and for every week since, the two have sketched and painted live models together at Popopstudios.

“Eleanor’s work is much more deliberate while Kendal’s work has a feeling of spontaneity,” he says.

“Their approaches are certainly different even though they draw the same figure. Eleanor felt she was influenced a bit by Kendal, so her work became a bit abstracted over time.”

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